1. Because the best choices are made with your heart

The heart want’s what it want’s and boy is that true when it comes to your dreams. You can deny yourself for your whole life to go after what really makes you happy and no one will stop you. No one will convince you to go in the direction of your heart because only you know what’s really hidden beneath those eye’s. Only you will be the one to make those dreams a reality and you are the only one standing in the way.

“You have the patience, the strength and the passion to achieve your ambitions, your goals and your dreams. All you need to do now, is try”

2. Your Best Experiences in Life Will Be Ripe With Fear

It’s terrifying to go after your desires, I still remember sitting in my bed trying to wrap my head around the fact that I quit my job to move to Hawaii. It was three day’s before my plane trip and all I could do was continue checking my email for flight cancelations and hear my fear asking me “what the F did you just do?”.

Since I landed it’s been the most vitalizing, strongest action I’ve ever taken. I finally decided to move forward with an experience that scared me and it ended up being the best choice I’ve ever made so far in my life.

3. Because The Most Important Lesson’s Are Learned While Walking Alone

When I started chasing my dream’s I had a lot of naysayers and realized in order to go forward I needed to keep these dreams/plans to myself. I stopped allowing other peoples fear’s to muddle my action’s and aspirations, there was no way i was going to muster the courage by listening to people whom never left the state they lived in or put out their creative work for the world to see.

In doing so, that solitude taught showed me aspects of myself I didn’t know existed, I never realized how strong and courageous I am. When the judgments are gone, you will begin to live solely based on what makes you happy and you’ll see how quickly your life brightens up.

“Don’t stop chasing your dreams, because dreams do come true.” — Sachin Tendulkar

4. Because You Will Find Love

Just go, get on that plane, post that article, start that youtube channel, just do it.

Go towards your truth and then, only then, will you have a definition of true love.

We’re inspired and drawn to people who chase after their dreams we’re drawn to them because those actions are based on self-love.

Imagine inspiring yourself, imagine being so drawn to your own happiness that literally no obstacle can stand in your way. When you show up to your destination you can’t help but see yourself in a stronger light that will cultivate a type of self-love that will blow your mind. You’ll become a force in your own life that no other force can outshine because there’s only one you, appreciate that uniqueness of your life.

5. Because You Deserve To Be Known

There are no two people that are completely alike, those small differences make changes in our world every day.

There are people who are waiting to be inspired by your action. There are crowds waiting to know it’s safe for them to go after their dreams too.

If your on the edge of the cliff going back and forth in your head wondering if you should say F it and jump. Here’s a little push forward; no one is going to execute the dreams the way you are. No one has the same eye for detail or thoughts that you want to express and we’re all waiting for you.

Be True To You — Jasmin

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