This article is being written by the Hermit of all Hermit’s. It’s hard for me to pass up a day of being in my own company and lazing at home. However, being a self-development coach it’s inevitable that socializing with the same sex is a must and convincing my clients of this is even harder than convincing myself.

If you are serious about changing your reality, if you are seriously putting in the effort to become the best you. The new friend’s you make are your best indicator of how you’re doing on your journey because you attract what you are.

Whether you’re currently healing or ready to step out into the world and start creating, you want to find yourself some new friends to join.
Getting to know new people will show you whether you are going in the direction you intended to go.

If you’re still attracting the same outdated version’s of yourself and your new friend’s are reminding you more of who you used to be rather than where you’re going. Then it’s a red flag that something is standing in the way of your progress.

Observe what you have in common with new people, what’s the content of the conversation and how you feel after.

Making new friends can be nerve-racking, I approach these scenarios with the intention of getting to know myself. With this approach I’ve noticed I’m able to relax and be myself because I’m not here for any other reason but emotional enjoyment and fun.

Throw on some fancy boots and wear that confidence you’ve been tirelessly working at and get out there. The nerves will subside once you realize you aren’t wearing one huge billboard of insecurities for everyone to see.

In fact, there’s someone that resonates at the same vibration waiting to meet you. Waiting to learn and grow just like you that may have read this article as well.

Be True To You- Jasmin

Posted by:thesilentchange

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