I’m a professional observer and my speciality these days has been the dating scene trying to find the reason why commitment is so hard for people to offer now a days.

The casual friends with benefits and flings are no longer fulfilling and as a collective generation it’s become obvious many of us are unhappy with our love lives. If so many people are well aware of the commonality of unsatisfying relationships, why is no one changing? Or talking about it more often?

My current theory is the amount of distractions when it comes to dating life. With tinder, plenty of fish and thousands of other dating “oppurtuntistic” apps it’s become suggestively harder to keep attention long enough for commitment. The fear of missing out is this generations worst virus and it’s even infected our love lives by the thousands. I’ve heard to many stories of people cheating or being caught using dating apps just too see what else it out there.

That’s the simple fact, the idea that just seeing what’s out there is harmless in your love life. It’s impossible to put in a healthy amount of effort to make a relationship last while having one eye checking to see what else could be taking your attention.

We’ve forgotten the fact that the grass isn’t alway’s greener on the other side and now leave potentially stable relationships to go check out what we think we’re missing out on. Just to find out in the end it really wasn’t worth the drama and emotional chaos.

However, I’m no judge in the matter of whether our generation is right or wrong to play into the “fear of missing out”. Nor do I bash our generation for having a harder time settling down and committing to one individual. I have to admit that it’s each generations job to question the old status quo and what’s been taught while growing up.

 What if monogamy is becoming a thing of the past?

What if confidence, freedom and multiple choices is going to become the new dating style. This new curiosity has brought rise to understanding the insecurities that make people feel like they “need” a promise of commitment from another. It has also brought light to the fact that self love, above all else, is all you can honestly count on in this world. If that’s the case then maybe commitment does get pushed back on the priority scale. Spending more time finding yourself and creating the life you want has taken center stage against finding someone to marry and have kids with.

So, is it a bad thing that millennial have the hardest time settling down compared to previous generations? Is it bad that our culture promotes self fulfilling prophecy before marriage and family?

No one knows the answer to that, I guess for now we can blame it on progressive emotional evolution and see where it takes us in the next few years.

Be True To You- Jasmin

Posted by:thesilentchange

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