I remember the day’s I humbled myself and believed having a self-fulfilling prophecy was an arrogant form of hiding insecurities.

The idea of “fake it till you make it” seemed like another way of denying your true self-expression to the world.

Adopting a self-fulfilling prophecy enables people to change their reality because it requires you to adopt a new aspect of your personality and really believe that it is a natural part of you. For example, I was raised in lack consciousness, my earliest memories were not fond when it came to money or making money. In fact, the financial struggle was a very real and consistent pattern while growing up. Who want’s to repeat that pattern? Having the choice I’m sure no one would want to live suffering financially. So how do you change this?

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any”- Alice Walker

Psychology say’s your reality is made up of your perspective and your perspective is primarily made up of your subconscious set beliefs, in which you have very little access too. This subconscious holds the key to what experiences are attracted into your life and it just so happens due to my financial traumatic experiences there is a deep seeded belief that anything financial equals struggle. In order to change a belief you have to have a new and equally effective belief to challenge it and that’s when self-fulfilling prophecy a.k.a law of attraction becomes a topic worth trying.

So here I am a few years ago pretending to be wealthy, embodying emotions equivalent to having ample amount of money in my bank and releasing any worries or fears concerning my income.

My walk changes, my spending habits shift and I now start feeling confident enough to insist on a raise. Slowly, yet surely, I really start to believe that I’m in fact abundant and money is no longer an issue and experiencing situations of “easy” money.

This was finding a few extra dollars in my car or being given a free coffee. Even though many would regard this as small changes it’s still proof that things are getting easier and I’m attracting confirmation of this new aspect into my reality.This new confidence reigns in idea’s to take on and my self-esteem rises because I now feel like I can reach for bigger and better goals, raking in bigger and better money.

That’s a brief break down of how adopting a healthy self-fulfilling prophecy alters your reality. It isn’t about being a fake or pretending to be someone you are not. It’s about believing you are better and can achieve better than what you’ve already experienced. With a HEALTHY dose of this tool, anything is possible and you’ll find yourself in the driver seat of your life experience asking yourself “what do I want to experience next?”.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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