I refer to the Empress Energy often either to other’s and with myself. This EMPRESS ENERGY I refer to is a mindset, a mode or a belief to engage with in times of surrender. However, i’ve received a ton of inquiries to further explain this energy, what it means and how to utilize it.

The Empress is a tarot card that represent’s the divine feminine fiery aspect of Aries. However, whether you’r an Aries or not (I’m not) you can embody this energy and use it’s force to make changes in your life. The Empress sits upon her throne looking towards an open gate, behind her throne are children playing and she holds a staff.

The Empress is a card of surrendering into your power, allowing thing’s to come to you because out of confidence there is a knowing everything that has been manifested for your higher good is coming to you. That’s why the Empress sit’s and looks out towards the open gate patiently, she’s done the work and traveled through her trials to get to this throne where now her need’s are delivered.

The children behind her throne represent to me the child self, there’s a boy and a girl (masculine and feminine). Masculine and feminine energies are in every gender and represented differently externally. The empress has healed her masculine and feminine energy which requires internal childhood healing and now these two sides of her innocently play behind her throne protected.

Emodying this energy is nothing short of empowerment. It requires the act of fiery surrender, fiery is sinonimous with action and surrender being understood as non-action. How does this work? The passion in the Empress Energy is high she will act when needed that is why the gate remains open under her watchful eye. She is passion, beauty and a force to reakoned with, she doesn’t accept just anyhting coming through those gates. Instead the Empress Energy using discernment to assure this is for her highest good and acts on the oppurutunties that she’s intuitively guided to act on.

Embodying this energy is a time of working on yourself, harvesting the fire within the feminine energy and growing in that fire. Confidence and self esteem building while waiting for the time of harvest, in order to sit upon the throne as an Empress confidence is a must. There must be a knowing that all will be set in the right direction mainly because you will it to eb

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