Changing your overall vibration from low or mild to high it’s important to remember it isn’t a simple process. Your vibration influences a majority of your thoughts and emotions and if you’re in a low vibration (knowingly or unknowingly) the universe will comply and you’ll remain in that low vibration.

For example, if you are in a low vibration, high vibrational things won’t come easy. We all have the power to create the life we dream of or sit back and conform to whatever programming in your life that’s put you in a low vibrational state of living.

If you’re serious about changing your vibration to create a happier more fulfilling life for yourself then be aware this requires discipline and change. So why a morning routine based on a high vibration? Why is it important enough to write an article about?

Well, as said earlier changing your vibration takes daily effort until it becomes a new programming. Your thoughts going from what they are now to more manageable and emotions going from reactive to consciously chosen responses that keep you composed and untriggered. Your morning set’s your mind for the day you’re going to have, this is mixing psychology and spirituality and trust me when I tell you it works wonders.

Through years of trial and error, I can swear by customizing your morning focused on a high vibrational state will change your baseline vibratory levels exponentially. Here are five must take actions in the mornings to affirm a high vibrating day ahead, now choose and adjust where ever you like.

Morning Meditation

I’m not the first person that claims morning meditation changed my personal experiences.

Meditation gives you a cleaner work table psychologically to work with. After the previous day of conversations, frustrations, planning, and hustling giving your mind a break EVERY morning to sit within yourself is so healthy for the brain. We get stuck under pressure and forget there is a whole world within us going unnoticed, although work may need you and people are relying on you, more importantly, you need yourself more than anything.

Meditation not only helps you think clearer but also gives you a deeper connection to yourself because you make it a priority to raise your own energy and bring light into your day before it even starts.

Color Cleansing Breakfast

I attempt to get at least three colors of the chakra’s on my breakfast plate without animal products. I’m not going to go into a rant about being vegan but I do believe that everyone should try a breakfast full of colorful vegetables or fruits.

The current breakfast foods are known as eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes etc. and maybe a SIDE of fruit. However, after multiple studies and the rise of food-related health conditions. It’s safe to question whether your breakfast is working for your or against you.

I go for green tea or coffee and a fruit salad with toast or quinoa porridge or a smoothie. I don’t limit myself to what is regarded as “breakfast” foods I go for what’s colorful and healthy.


The root, sacral and color plexus chakra are extremely powerful this is where your confidence, self-esteem, creativity that “it” factor is cultivated. Overall abundance and connection to the world come from these lower three chakra’s and not many people know how to properly utilize these areas.

After studying and reading on the chakra system it became more apparent why early morning exercise positively impacts people to be more successful. Working out adds raises positive energy levels and clears blockages within the lower three chakra’s providing more access to innate confidence, esteem, motivation, and creativity.

Try running outside which is my choice, clears your mind with fresh oxygen and sounds of nature and also brings the heat straight to your abdominal core.

Immerse Yourself In Purpose

After your meditation, breakfast, run and now you’re in the process of getting ready for your day. Remind yourself why you get up every day instead of the self-pity narrative of “ugh,..I wish I didn’t have to go to work”. In a high vibratory life, nothing is done in vain period because you are the sole creator or your life. There’s no room for self-pity or pretending you aren’t in control of your happiness.

Maybe you dislike your job right now and looking into getting a new one, then remind yourself while getting ready. Affirm that you’ll find that job soon, get excited about having the courage to question what makes you happy. This process will attract positive experiences into your life and heighten your manifestation abilities.

This immersion in the present and focus on purpose creates substantially rewarding results in whatever you do because you have set the intention as soon as you woke up that you are going to have a day that fulfills YOU.

If you decide to be the best you and create a morning routine based off of the one listed please, please share your experience so other people can be inspired to do so 😃

Be True To You- Jasmin

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