I’m on the plane at the moment about to land in my new home, Honolulu, HI.

I know..I can’t believe it.

I thought I would be terrified right now, I thought I would be crying at this moment because of all I left behind in Connecticut. Now I’m on the plane and none of those things are happening at all.

In fact, I feel appreciative right now. I feel strong for making a bold decision to go out on my own, walk away from a job that wasn’t serving me and begin all over again. My life is more expansive than sitting at a job I hate, pretending to be someone I’m not for the people around me and settling in a relationship that hurts. It was a battle of the mind and heart to finally take the step towards a life of alignment and to be honest, they both won in a sense.

After my spiritual awakening, my critical mind had no comebacks for the truth the experience provided. I realized not only my potential and my worth but that I have been used to settling in every aspect of my entire life.

Whether that be in love where I became co-dependent on someone who didn’t love themselves and allowed my self-esteem to fall into a ditch. Or the fact that I accepted any hourly rate just because it was good “enough”. I held off on my dreams telling myself to wait before I relocate because I wanted to first have this and that which I claimed to be security. That “security” was another way for my fear to insist how I wouldn’t be able to make it out on my own.

Screw all that noise, I started to love myself once I released all the pain I endured from being wrongly informed about who I am. I listened to people way too much, people that were just as miserable about their life as I was. I was sad, hopeless for absolutely no reason because the world is sitting at my fingertips asking me to step in and do something already.

So I did, during my heavy period of releasing toxic energy I told my job I could no longer work there. I told my ex that was playing mind games and using me as a placeholder to find someone else that has time to waste.

The new me emerged and broke out of the original mold that I kept myself hostage in.

The scariest part about awakening to your true self IS NOT realizing the lies and deceit you’ve placed on yourself. Not at all, it’s coming to the realization that the powerful life shift is imminent.

After the awakening, you realize nothing has ever stood in your way but you, so what do you do now? What can your critical mind work up to keep you where you are? Nothing really, because now all you really want to do is stand in your power and make the mountains move and create the way for the King or Queen stepping through.

Be True To You- Jasmin

Posted by:thesilentchange

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