I’ve come to terms that not everyone wants to live a life of emotional freedom. — Jasmin Oliver

After my spiritual awakening and solitude, I found that love was never outside of myself it’s essential to realize this in order to live an emotionally free life.

The only chink in the program here is the belief that in order to cultivate this love there’s a need for someone outside of yourself to give it too. I guess deep down people believe we aren’t “good enough” or “worthy enough” of our own love so until we find someone to give it too it lays dormant. 

This true love relationship, the man or gal of your dreams we’re all searching for, is simply a reflection of the relationship with yourself. The person who comes into your life and sends good morning texts rubs your back or want’s to make you smile only comes when you’ve started taking care of yourself first.

When you start living your days as if you have everything you need as if you are all that you ever needed, you won’t find yourself in situations that make you question whether your enough and I have a scenario to share proving this.

I was codependent in my last relationship which triggered many if not all of my core wounds of self-worth and esteem. I constantly questioned why I wasn’t enough for this person to give me the attention I THOUGHT I deserved. Once I went through my journey I realized my feelings towards the situation shifted. Now that I BELIEVED I deserved better I simply couldn’t resonate with the same treatment.

It became absurd to be spoken to or even treated that way anymore, I could not believe I even accepted it, to begin with, I surpassed my previous level and everything needed to change. The relationship I thought I could never walk away from became easier to get rid of like spoiled milk in the fridge.

So, if your looking for love, if you just had your heart broken, be appreciative. I know it sounds F’d up to tell you to be happy someone broke your heart but that’s not what I’m saying.

What I’m saying is be happy that you got kicked in the ass out of your comfort zone and now you have the chance to take that love that is a rarity and recreate it like a ongoing machine deep within yourself creating love so that it’s never scarce in your life. That you don’t even think about finding your “one” all the damn time because your so busy loving yourself after all these years. Fill your heart to the brim, I mean overdo it, give yourself what you need and want, turn your phone off and take a mini vacation in your bathtub. Whatever being YOU mean’s over do that so you can witness how much happier you are living a life for yourself.

Based on the context of universal law the people around you will either get on the train or get left in the dust because your life isn’t a reflection of bullshit love and deceit anymore. That low empty love isn’t attracted to you anymore because you are too damn bright. Your going to attract people who just want to know you and the amazing thing about it is your not going to be looking at all.

Be True To You- Jasmin

Posted by:thesilentchange

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