I’ve been on my spiritual awakening journey now for three years.

F.Y.I the spiritual journey will never end it becomes a self-awareness, self-loving lifestyle leading you to more and more emotional satisfaction.

At the beginning of my path, I majorly struggled with resistance, whether that was to change, believe, grieve or accept. I would get extremely hard on myself when I made “mistakes” or “backslid” into my habits. Then I had a deeper realization about this journey that I’m sure will help you go farther and understand what this is all really about.

The social construct we live in idealizes perfection and flawless in all things we take on. We take this social construct and subconsciously apply it to the spiritual awakening without even realizing it. Getting down on ourselves when we endure weaker times and fall back into “old feel goods” like smoking that cigarette, drinking or getting high.

We can get so hard on ourselves that we put a complete pause on moving forward because now the negative self-talk takes over and that’s coming straight from your ego and it has all your attention. Here’s what I’ve realized and managed to alter my understanding of life, ultimately leading to a much more peaceful journey.

The awakened path is less about how perfect and light you are and more about how authentic and accepting you are.

You will go miles farther being accepting and honest with yourself rather than being self-critical. The ego will change its shape to remain powerful in your life and so that voice that once said you aren’t t “good enough” turns into “your not doing it right” in order to be confused with your higher self. This isn’t close to the truth because the only way to live in enlightenment and authenticity is to accept that all things have a dualistic nature to them. For all light, there is equal dark and that is the same for you.

Getting hard on yourself because you did something you consider a dark aspect is a waste of time because you chose a lifestyle based on accepting all parts of you. Sorry, but that means accepting your habits, worries, self-doubt, guilt, shame and a whole bunch of other things you may consider “unworthy qualities” about yourself. There we go again, nothing is unworthy, nothing about you is unacceptable and you have to be the first to realize this if you want to not only touch your own heart but touch others.

I’m not saying go delve into all your bad habits and throw self-control out the window. I’m saying utilize self-control as your own check and balance system, keep your eye on feeling emotionally content and happy and get rid of the idea that you’ll screw your journey up by being unapologetically yourself.

Essentially, I’m asking you to believe in yourself that no one, including you, can remove you from a path of enlightenment because everyone is born to live a life of emotional contentment and smiles. There’s no such thing as backsliding just accept that sometimes your gonna want to play in the darker aspects of yourself and that is okay because it’s you. As long as you are not hurting yourself or others then remove the heavy pressure of becoming a ball of perfect light.

Some day’s your going to feel sad, depressed or lazy, the balance is to not let it consume you but still accept those feelings as your own. Some day’s your going to want to take that shot and maybe dance with your friends tonight at the club, go have fun! As long as you aren’t trying to rid yourself of a serious addiction and trust that you have the self-control to not let alcohol consume your sense of purpose.

The enlightened path is not a religion there isn’t a list of rules or judgments that will be bestowed on you by others. Just be your whole self, do what feels right to your heart, go off of what will make your life even more enjoyable, dark and light. Then allow others to do the same and you will see how much faster changes will take place in your life.

Be True To You- Jasmin

Posted by:thesilentchange

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