Ahh a topic that has been explained in a myriad of ways and exemplified in even more way’s. What is self respect? Why do we need it? Self respect is alignment with ones true self if your looking at it from the spiritual perspective. You come to place where you know who you are and love who are unconditionally and self respect is a product of self love. However so many women and men have a lack of self respect because they are out of alignment with themselves. Low self esteem, lack of self worth becomes the breeding ground of emotional dissatisfaction. It doesn’t matter if your starting this journey with absolutely no self respect thank yourself for being aware something is off and doing something about it.


All you have sometimes is your word as ancient as it sounds this a huge aspect of self respect. When you say something follow through because you add the importance to the words you speak. For example, you’ve probably witness or experienced a relationship where one person keeps threatening to leave but never does. Treating your word like it’s what ever gives the permission to others to do the same.


This is a biggie with so much information, view points and professionals you can find on the internet it’s hard to prevent self doubt. Trust in yourself and your experience to know the right choice for YOU. This is an objective rules all approach what benefits you the most? We all have moments where we doubt our selves, that is normal, but don’t allow self doubt to become self neglect and peer pressure.


When you decide to walk away from someone or cut contact it is a good rule ot make that cut permanent. Many times a month or so goes by and that ex shows up again and you forgot why you cut them out in the first place. Don’t let this be the case, if you judge someone needs to be cut out then it was based on a good reason. Rely on your judgment even down the road when someone wants access to your life again instead of jumping right in heart wide open.


If you want to make a change to your life, for example eat healthier, go to the gym or wake up early. Do just that, you can give yourself a million excuses and trust me you will keep finding one after another just as valid as the last. The truth is change is difficult it feels down right hopeless but you keep pushing past resistance. Eventually your brain will catch up and realize your not going to give up.


So many times in relationships i would remove or edit my boundaries in order to not cause a problem. I felt that because i could understand my partners so well then there was no reason getting mad when they did things that hurt. It sounds bat shit crazy looking back but i learned the hard way how important it is to have boundaries. Make your boundaries like steal, bullet proof walls that come down on your command. Know where your boundaries are for future reference and speak them truthfully, unapologetically.

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