She’s the girl that is untameable you just can’t hold her down in one place because she is always on the move. Always ready to learn and expirience somethnig new and everyday of her life she uses to broaden her horizon’s. She’s the one who will activley participate in a debate and maybe even started it. Her opinions are sound but she is always open to looking at things from a different perspective because she understands the wisest people know they don’t know everything.

She loves to lift other woman up and breathe life into emotionally dead. She feels that a huge part of her life is helping people in her own and and mastering her craft what ever that may be. You can’t tell her what to do and I suggest you don’t try unless you want to hear a lecture about how she is in charge of her own life. She isn’t rude, she is just honest, she isn’t arrogant she is just confident and knows her worth. She’s well aware of the love she deserves and will not accept less.

She’s accepted her past and forgives herself for mistakes. She’s open with her emotions and sees vulnerability as a badge of honor she deserves. She keeps herself smiling and doesn’t rely on anyone to make her feel secure. You might see her reading in a coffee shop dressed up with lipstick on and a latte with just herself. Or you can catch her going on a hike to enjoy the sun and get her mind balanced in nature. There are some cases you’ll see her on the dance floor with a glass of wine throwing it down with some new found friends for the night, taking herself out to eat or checking out a art gallary to broaden her creativity.

She likes to talk about chakra’s, meditation and the importance of keeping your body healthy. If you want to learn how to bring peace to your inner world she is definitely the woman to talk to or if you want some philosophies to think about just ask her, why she lives the life she lives. She’s stopped living in accordance to what other people think, she refuses to bend backwards for those who don’t see her worth she is the woman who lives by her own rules and creates her own life. BOOM! (drops mic)

Posted by:thesilentchange

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