I’ve had some harrowing love stories that have accumulated over time but this article isn’t about the sad sappy misfortunes of love. This article is about the love I’m currently calling in after healing from all that grief.

The love I know I deserve is stable and clear. I ask questions and they are answered and those answers bring peace of mind not more confusion. Those answers are filled with the intent to soothe the mind not confuse the soul.

The love I know I deserve is tender and forgiving. Because sometimes I am a casual mess but I have a heart made of gold. Sometimes I get anxious and can break out into crying spells but that’s because I have the tendency to get hard on myself and he will understand that. Those moments will be met with cuddles, an uplifting conversation or a vegan date night even if he isn’t vegan, he knows it will make me smile.

The love I know I deserve is passionate, it can get really hot and steamy lemme tell ya’. That’s because I am desired, he sees the impossible beauty in my personality and physicality. The energy I put in to take care of my self is met with adoration and an exciting sexual adventure. Because I’ve met my match when it comes to a lover and we both like to enjoy each other to the last drop. (snap’ snap’)

The love I know I deserve isn’t defined as spoiling because that would imply I don’t deserve it.

1. harm the character (of a child) by being too lenient or over indulgent

We are so past that, gifts and trips are physical manifestations of affection. There is a balance between giving and take and everyone benefits. Money is a tool and we use it to show each other how much we mean to one another.

The love I know I deserve isn’t friends with fear. Fear doesn’t live in this relationship because we are familiar with grounding energy and loyalty and quite frankly ready to take on the world. So we work together through the difficult and commend each other for our strength to make it through.

I know I deserve this love because I give it to myself.

I provide myself with stability and clarity and don’t allow toxic situations to distract me from what my focus is on. I don’t allow just anyone in my mind or just any words to come through my ears without discernment.

I forgive myself when I make mistakes and surround myself with compassion at all times because I’m f*ckin great. I value my golden heart and take care of it by filling my cup of love to the brim.

I take care of my body and put effort into looking my best because I am beautiful inside and out. So yes, I take the time to grocery shop and read the labels. I look up/make vegan recipes and drink a lot of water because it’s what my body is asking for. I take part in the new health waves and make sure I move my body to keep my life energy flowing.

I gift myself with anything I desire because there’s no reason why I can’t have the things I truly desire. Fear doesn’t belong in the relationship with myself because I have years of proof that I conquer the most fearful of tasks.

So I ask you, what’s the love you know you deserve and I ask you to give it to yourself first.

Yup, that simple and short.

Be True To You — Jasmin

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