You know how many years’s I’ve spent waiting and looking for the one?

I would put my “all” into these relationships from romantic gestures to uplifting motivational conversations. I would forgive and give so much of my heart to my loves because the feeling of being in love really makes life exceptional.

But after mass disappointments and not knowing what really made my heart sing, I decided to do something drastic. I questioned the status quo and became my own soul mate.

After spending a few unlucky years of looking outside of myself for someone to show me what love felt like, what traveling with the love of your life was like or experiencing an emotional depth that I desired. I looked myself in the mirror and came up with the insane inquiry of whether I could accomplish all that emotional satisfaction with myself, for myself and I did.

I turned my attention inward and like any other budding relationship got to know Jasmin (that’s me). I wrote a list of questions I wanted to find out:

What makes Jasmin smile the most? family, food, day’s of doing nothing or writing?

How can I get her to smile even more? Every single day in fact.

I wonder if she know’s how beautiful she is and if not, how can I remind her?

What still makes her cry, sad or angry? What do those experiences tell me about the person she’s becoming?

I felt self-compassion for the first time, the beauty of living life on my own terms and trusting my own choices. I would lay in bed and spend time with myself, take myself out on dates or get into a new hobby.

My day’s, week’s and months are lighter and I feel free to make choices and lifestyle changes simply based on what makes me happy. There’s a social sickness that make’s people believe that having what we want or giving ourselves what we want emotionally is selfish or a nieve way of living. To be honest, I would rather live like this every day of my life than put unnecessary pressure on myself so OTHER people think I’m successful.

What if we all started making ourselves our own soulmates and treating ourselves like we’re the ONE. Imagine a world where lives are based on self-love and happiness rather than ego, societal pressures, and judgments from others.

Living for other’s sounds like a waste of life to me, so I ask you, what are you looking for that you can’t give yourself?

Be True To You- Jasmin

Posted by:thesilentchange

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