I decided to form a list of mindsets, beliefs, and perspectives that need to be dropped, kicked to the curb and removed in order for us all to get on this new wave of rejuvenating energy 2018 presents us with.

Not everyone wants to change so not everyone will find this helpful but if you’ve been wondering what’s still holding you back in 2017 mindsets then these are some great thought provoking leads that can illuminate the answers you’re looking for.

Thinking Your Perspective is “right”

Everyone has their own perspective from their own unique experiences and no one can walk in anyone else’s shoes but your own. I find it to be a large waste of time trying to convince someone to look at life the way you do, just because its true for you doesn’t make it true for anyone else.

Not Allowing People to be Themselves Because it Makes You Uncomfortable

I think the greatest quality of a person is to be non-judgmental. With more people getting comfortable expressing beliefs, views and opinions there needs to also be a balance of acceptance. The goal is not to convince everyone to be and feel the same but to lead by example, people who hold no prior judgment on another live seemingly peaceful lives because they require no external validation, yet give validation to everyone naturally.

It’s a rarity right now, so many people are emotionally charged to the point that no one is hearing the other one out. Before giving your opinion listen, I mean listen, and if you don’t know how to do that yet I suggest learn.

The one who focus’s on listening to content is the most knowledgeable and gains the most follower’s when speaking. This person comes from a place of understanding, this person understands there’s no room for pride when it comes to wisdom and there is no such thing as being “wrong”.

Lying to Yourself

You are who you are, accept it because there is no escaping it.

For years I tried being someone different or placing a mask over my authentic self because I believed it wasn’t “enough”. Then I realized there’s no one living that can give me the emotional satisfaction I’m looking for. Confidence, independence, creation, and authenticity are recipes of emotional fulfillment and they all come from within.

Don’t believe the hype and remake yourself to be anything other than your best authentic self.

Putting Self-Care Last

Pretty cut and dry, take care of your body, mind, heart, and spirit. If you aren’t balanced within then your life will reflect the same and who want’s to live in a messy environment?

Ignoring Your Intuition

When you know it’ wrong, that pit of the stomach knowing, then judge it and do what’s necessary.

Also if your not sure what your intuition sounds or feels like, start to get more in tune. Your mind and emotions aren’t good at determining the truth of a situation because the heart and mind can only draw from experience period. In order to reach new heights, you want to gain access to a source of information that isn’t connected to past pain. Your intuition is connected to truth, your authentic self and the path that has the most emotional fulfillment it’s a part of your being that is worth getting to know.

Going After Your Dreams Part-Time

2017 was twelve months of emotional and mental healing with loads of challenging situations and truths coming to light. Now the time for full-time introspection is coming to an end and it’s time to create for many, if not all, of us.

No more excuses for why it’s not the right time to go after the life of your dreams or rationalizing why you shouldn’t be focusing on being at your optimal health.

Staying in an Unhealthy Relationships

I think we can all agree that we’re tired of staying in love dynamics that make us feel unworthy, terrified or replaying our childhood. Speaking for the collective of people that truly want to live their best lives, we’ve been through enough, seriously. We have full awareness of what an unhealthy relationship feels like and the triggers that let us know something isn’t right.

Living your best life requires making that decision every single day and recommitting to that happiness every day. So sometimes you have to be the security guard of your life and push situations away out of the understanding that it is no longer serving you.

Rationalizing Toxicity

I remember in my younger days still living under my childhood conditioning that when situations would emotionally become painful I wouldn’t move an inch. In fact, I would try to talk myself into staying by either telling myself I need to change something or believing I was being overdramatic.

After years of emotional term oil and heaviness, it hit me that I don’t need to live my life for anyone but myself and if I’m not happy then that is all that matters. That is a good enough reason to leave ANY situation whether that person or place agree or not, that’s their business and not yours to carry guilt around for.

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