I spend hours collectively scrolling through instagram, facebook and sites like this with a range of artcils. I scroll through different youtube videos that give advice or astrological predictions of future energies. However, I asked myself today what it is that I’ve been looking for?

Why is it that I use a lot of my time on the internet sifting mindlessly through information ? Am I searching for inspiration to go after my dreams? hope that everythingis going to get better in time?

Everything that catches my intrest is either a picture of something I want whether that’s pinning a healthy meal or a picture of someone in perfect shape with a motivational quote on it and I think to myself “goals”. On this site I find myself invested in an article about self appreciation, confidence and how to change your life for the best. This is all fantastic to keep your focus on bettering yourself but is the access to knoweledge stifling our productivity to put in the effort to change?

After hours of reading, writing and studying what it means to live the life you want and become your authentic self I have to admit I know more than a handful of information on how to change my own life. In fact, I know enough to give other people advice and write about it online.

What is the space between knowing how to change your life for the best and actually doing it. What is that space the most knoweledgable people find themselves in where the fustration of wanting it already sets in and nothing seems to be changing fast enough. This is the space I’m sitting in currently, after routinley scrolling through some articles I realized that I haven’t read anyhting I didn’t already know and the question I was really trying to ansewr is, why doesn’t my life look the way I know it’s supposed to?

The ansewr I try avoiding is, because you aren’t physically manifesting it too, that’s a sting no body want’s to hear. However, there comes a time where you have to believe that your ready to accept and live the life you know you want. Allow yourself to reach out and have it because being in this space to long causes FEAR and when FEAR gets involved it’ll be a battle again.

So i guess, I’ll be taking the first step to my new life and that will mean getting up EVERY morning and working out. Quitting ALL my negative habits that I know don’t serve me but have just been scared to quit and also believing I am worthy of this new beginning.

Posted by:thesilentchange

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