March started with a full moon so that clues in to how impactful this month may be.

If there is any emotional baggage your slugging around, ex’s your still allowing to linger or words unsaid this is the month it all comes to the surface. You may randomly feel intense emotions of anger, sadness or hopelessness and these are just repressed emotions coming up to be acknowledge. Let yourself sit with these emotions and allow them to pass right through you, we sometimes have the tendency to stuff them down and keep on moving but this month urges you to take a little time out for yourself. Ask yourself where it’s coming from? is the issue entirely resolved?

Our emotions aren’t something to fear it’s actually a blessing in disguise, it’s our danger sensor and our peace protector. Our emotions let us know when something isn’t right or when something is aligned with our true selves. It is inevitable that this month you will be put in front of your emotional body and a heart to heart may be necessary with yourself. If you’ve been wondering why you feel stagnant, what to do with your life and what it all means. Your already getting the cues to look within and ahead of the game even though it can feel like a tunnel of anxiety. Don’t worry yourself too much, worrying is the product of not being in control and you are always in control of yourself. Take a breather and take a few minutes out of your day to really ask yourself some deep questions. Here are some things to think about that will bring wonders for March and April.

1.We are unable to know what makes us truly happy. We can only draw from what we know a.k.a the past. In order to stumble upon true happiness prepare to step out of your comfort zone.

2. Self discipline and positive self talk are the stepping stones to self respect and high self esteem. Before you go do that thing you promised yourself you wouldn’t do or text that guy you know doesn’t treat you well. Up hold the promise to yourself and remind yourself how important, beautiful and worthy you are of love. 

3. If you want to gain a bigger perspective on a emotionally draining situation. Imagine giving your best friend advice if she was in it instead of you. We tend to give amazing advice but not use it ourselves, this will trick your brain to tap into that library of wisdom. 

4. How many times does it take for you to walk away from someone who hurts you? Think about it, how many times does a person have to disrespect you before you call it quits. If it’s more than one, find out why so you can stop being peoples door mat. 

5. If you want to get on the path that truly aligns with your happiness, start being honest with yourself and others. That means if you want to say no then say it, if you want to cut someone out than do it. Feeling guilty about your truth is a waste of time be a leader of honesty instead of wearing a false mask like most people.

6. If it just doesn’t sit right, feel right or something is just off. It’s probably because you shouldn’t be involved in it. 

7. You are wiser, smarter and more beautiful than you think you are. People outside of us seem to have a much more positive view of us than we have ourselves. It’s time we balance that out because there is no reason to doubt who you are. 

8. Allow karma to balance situations out. Don’t try to get revenge or curse someone. Forgive and let go, karma is meant to balance everything back out so if they hurt you. Trust me they will know one way or another. 

9. Find a hobby, side hustle and a job to support yourself. 


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