Ahh, love, we look for it, dream about it, run away from it and chase after it desperately. How many times have we fallen into the trap of loving the wrong person and refusing to let go because our mind and heart is conflicted. Here is ten sign’s that signal he isn’t the one.


He hasn’t lied, cheated or disrespected you but something just doesn’t click. On the outside he may be the perfect boyfriend, he may be exactly what you thought you wanted but the spark isn’t there. Some relationships come into our lives to tear down that wall of what you thought you wanted. We are mentally incapable of knowing what we want, it is all drawn from the past and when we attract what we “want” we tend to realize it isn’t.


Again this isn’t saying he did something to lose your trust, although if he did this is for you too. Sometimes our heart has had enough for what ever reason it’s picked up enough information to know this person can not be trusted. What you can trust is your feelings and if your feelings are resisting trusting then it’s pretty much a done deal.


Here’s a doozy but a life fact i had to learn the hard way, if a man truly loves you he just wouldn’t stop trying. He wouldn’t leave and come back, leave again then come back. He isn’t coming back because he loves you he’s coming back to check if the door is still open in case he changes his mind. Shut that door and lock you deserve more than part time love.


This relates to the first one but it isn’t only something doesn’t feel right you also find things out that he either lied about or never told you. Someone who keeps secrets isn’t the best person to give your heart to because you never know motives.


Maybe you want kids and he doesn’t or vice versa. Maybe you want to travel the world and he rather settle into a house. What ever it is when there are conflicting paths in regards to children, marriage and lifestyle it doesn’t get better. You can compromise of course and some couples work it all out but don’t compromise your dreams.



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